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Invisalign Leidschendam

Invisalign: a custom-made, invisible and removable brace

Invisalign's invisible braces, also called aligners, are custom-made and help correct minor to major dental abnormalities. The Invisalign brace can be removed for eating, drinking, brushing teeth and flossing. This allows the mouth to be kept clean. The treatment lasts on average twelve to eighteen months. This is determined by your Invisalign doctor and depends on how complicated your situation is. Most people feel a difference after wearing Invisalign braces for three months. The results are usually visible after six months.
During the first consultation we listen to your wishes and discuss what Invisalign treatment can do for you. You will then have time to decide whether you want to undergo the Invisalign treatment. Once you have chosen Invisalign, we will make a scan of your teeth. This is forwarded to Invisalign to create a 3D model and treatment plan. Finally, we will order the Invisalign brace for you.
When Invisalign braces are placed, you will get bubbles on your teeth. These provide support for the braces so that your teeth can be moved. Every other week you independently exchange your set of aligners for a new set. Please note that you will need to come to the practice every four to five weeks for a check-up. Once you are done with the Invisalign braces, you will be given a retainer or splint. A retainer is a transparent night brace that you wear while sleeping. This prevents your teeth from returning to their old position. Make an appointment online for an Invisalign consultation.
Invisalign Leidschendam

Installing Invisalign braces in Leidschendam

Would you like to have invisible Invisalign braces fitted? You are very welcome in our dental practice in Leidschendam, located in a beautiful location on the Delftsekade 22. Our dentist is very experienced and can professionally provide you with braces to improve the aesthetics of your teeth. Below you can read more about the process of placing Invisalign braces. Do you have questions? Please feel free contact with us.

  • The intake: During the intake we will get to know you and we will thoroughly examine your teeth. We also explain to you what Invisalign options are for your specific dental situation.
  • The decision: You will have time to decide whether you want to have Invisalign braces placed by our experienced dentist in Leidschendam. If you have any doubts or would like to receive more information, you can contact us at any time contact contact us. We like to help you.
  • The scan: If you would like to have Invisalign braces fitted, we would like to invite you to our practice to make a scan of your teeth. We will forward this scan to the dental laboratory, where your brace will be custom-made for you.
  • The placement: the last step consists of placing the bracket. This is done in our practice in Leidschendam by our experienced dentist. You will receive a new set of aligners so that you can change them independently every other week.

NB: Come to our practice in Leidschendam every four to five weeks for a check-up. This way we can monitor the progress and provide you with a new set of aligners.

Installing Invisalign braces Leidschendam

Invisible braces for adults

In the Netherlands, many adults are not completely satisfied with their teeth. Some are so insecure about their own smile that they don't even dare to smile. Do you recognize this? We can help you. Within our practice we specialize in orthodontic and cosmetic treatments. Consider placing Invisalign braces or... veneers. These treatments are aimed at improving the aesthetics of your teeth, so that you can smile with confidence again.

Invisalign braces are a popular choice among many adults. The main reason for this is that Invisalign braces are invisible, making them barely visible. This is particularly nice for people who are “ashamed” of having braces later in life. Below we have listed some more advantages of Invisalign braces for adults:

  • Invisalign braces are transparent and therefore not noticeable;
  • Invisalign braces are removable, so you can easily eat, drink and brush;
  • An Invisalign brace is custom-made, based on a scan made in our practice, so that the best aesthetic result can be achieved.

Would you like to know more or make an appointment immediately to have Invisalign braces placed in our practice in Leidschendam? Please feel free contact with us.

Invisible braces for adults Leidschendam

Invisible braces for children

Does your child suffer from crooked teeth, meaning his teeth are not as beautiful as they could be? We would like to invite you to visit our practice in Leidschendam to discuss the options for Invisalign braces. We can correct the position of the teeth with braces, so that your child will have beautiful and straight teeth over time. He will benefit from this for the rest of his life.

Many children do not like wearing braces because they do not like the way they look. At Tandartspraktijk Leidschendam we understand this and that is why we offer invisible braces for children. This type of brace is transparent and barely noticeable, while achieving the same aesthetic result as with any other type of brace.

Would you like to make an appointment for your child? You are welcome. We kindly ask you to registration form on our website, after which we will contact you as soon as possible to schedule an appointment.

Invisible braces for children Leidschendam

Make an appointment for Invisalign braces in Leidschendam

Are you convinced and would you like to make an appointment to have Invisalign braces placed in our practice in Leidschendam? You can easily arrange this by registration form to be completed on our website. We will then contact you to confirm your registration and set a date for the first consultation. Would you like to receive more information first? Please contact us by telephone at: 070 744 50 51.

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