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Crowns and bridges

Would you like to have a crown placed by the dentist in Leidschendam?

A crown is a solution for strengthening or improving your teeth. If your tooth is weakened, a crown can be placed so that you can eat comfortably again and walk around with full and natural-looking teeth. In addition, it is possible to place a crown if you are dissatisfied with the color or shape of your tooth, to make your teeth look beautiful again. Are you interested in obtaining a crown for attractive and filled teeth? Would you like to know more about the treatment and the costs? We are happy to provide you with more information.

A crown treatment starts with grinding your weak tooth or molar so that there is room for the crown. An impression is then made of your jaw to determine the perfect shape for the crown. This crown is a metal or ceramic cover that is placed over the ground tooth to provide protection and support and to be invisible between the other teeth. The cost of the crown can vary from person to person and depends, among other things, on the material used (metal or ceramic) and your insurance. If you have dental insurance, we recommend checking the terms to see if the cost of the crown is covered.

If you would like to know more about having a crown fitted and its costs, please do not hesitate contact to contact us. Our dentists are always ready to think along with you and give you the best advice for your teeth.

Crowns and bridges

Would you like to have a bridge installed by the dentist in Leidschendam?

By placing a bridge you can once again have complete and filled teeth. The bridge will be completely matched to the rest of your teeth and will replace the missing teeth. This also prevents your teeth from growing crookedly.

Are you interested in getting a bridge for full and beautiful teeth, but would you like to know more about the costs? We can give you insight into this.

A crown is also popularly called a 'cap' or 'cover' and is placed over your weakened tooth or molar to strengthen it. This will allow you to eat easily and laugh with confidence again. We ensure that the aesthetics of your crown are the same as those of your original tooth, so that the result will look as natural as possible. Do you want to know more? Please feel free contact with us.

A bridge is a dental treatment to replace missing teeth. The bridge is attached to two or more ground teeth on either side of the open space, which act as pillars. Crowns are placed on these pillars and a bridge section is placed between the crowns to fill the open space. Do you have a question? Then don't hesitate contact to contact us.

A crown is used to restore and strengthen a single tooth, while a bridge is used to replace one or more missing teeth. Would you like to know what the best solution is for your specific situation? Then make one appointment via the website and come by for a consultation. We like to think along with you.

Every year, the rates for the various dental treatments are determined nationally by the Dutch Healthcare Authority (NZa). This means that all dentists charge the same rates. Are you curious about how much it costs to have a crown or bridge installed? Then take a look at the website of the NZa or contact us by telephone during practice opening hours: 070 744 50 51.

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